My Experience With Buying An IPhone 6s

Stories By Tory

I purchased my IPhone 5 in January of 2012. My LifeProof phone case added years to it’s life by protecting it from falls and water. Eventually I found out my LifeProof case wasn’t necessarily LifeProof after it slowly fell apart. After I stopped using my case, my IPhone started to have problems like my hold button not working (which is how you turn your phone off and on) and generally became slower. Then my screen cracked which is my fault because I didn’t buy another case. I was still using my IPhone 5 with these problems up until a couple days ago when I couldn’t get wifi access via wifi or through my AT&T data. I knew my AT&T account was eligible for an update so I decided to go to the AT&T store to look into buying a knew phone.


To my surprise, the prices of new phones have shot…

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