Things your professor shouldn’t say on the first day of class…

Tidbits & Fiddlywinks

We all walk into class on the first day hoping we got the cool professor. But, everyone knows if you hear these words on the first day you’re in for a rough year.

1. You have a group project

There are two types of people in the world: The slacker and The over achiever.

If you’re the slacker, there is nothing more exciting that the prospects of an easy grade with a group project.

If you’re the overachieve, the idea of a group project makes you cringe. There is nothing worse that being teamed up with a bunch of freeloaders.

Either way, everyone immediately starts looking and the room to create the perfect A team and everyone starts judging the professor when they assign a group project on the first day.

2. I take attendance

Dear Professors,

You get paid the same amount of money whether I’m in class or…

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