Don’t F**K With Me!!!!!!!!!!



Heckyeahhhh!!…soooooo I am sure most of you living on this Earth has seen and heard about the Rattle Snake.  You may even have had a close encounter with a Rattlesnake.  You may even have seen one on display at the zoo.  I gotta question for you, So if you ever had a close encounter with a Rattlesnake, you get kinda close to it, and then all of a sudden you hear this rattling noise.  You know its coming from the snake, but you ignore the sound and you wanna get closer, and closer, and closer……………………………………….AND CLOSER!!  Now it gets to the point where that tail of his/hers is sounding like a rattling alarm clock.  Before you know it, in less than a second…BOOOYAH you get bit.  But before you got bit,  what should have noticed.  Well…let me ask this, when you hear the rattling sound, obviously that means “You too…

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