Initial Halo 5 Reactions


So Halo 5 is out and, as many others, I digitally downloaded the game in advance, played it right at midnight, and stayed up until 6am exploring the facets of the game. And, the question remains in my head. “Was it fun?”

The answer is… Kinda. It was actually a little disappointing for a Halo release. Warzone is nice but feels distant. Arena is also pretty nice, but the level of competition certainly hasn’t gone down over the course of the series.

The Pros? Warzone definitely gives the player what they have always wanted in Big Team Battle- more players, more enemies, more chaos. Arena offers the competitive faction of Halo fans what they have always wanted- fast paced, intense FPS gameplay with plenty of options.

The Cons? The game, as a whole, feels just out of arms reach. I can’t help feeling like the game is hidden behind a…

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