Billboard top 10 of 1978…

Gabi Gets Gabby

Ever think to yourself, “What were the top 10 most popular songs of 1978?”


Me neither. Why? Because I know them. I know all 10, every word. I can see the title of the song and sing the chorus for you right now. Now time to set the scene…

Picture a normal, suburban family cruisin’ the streets on Landen, Ohio in their red Aerostar van that you have to use a gardening shovel in order to shut the sliding door. Two girls, one boy, and a set of parents who were born in 1962 and 1965. Prime teenage years they had rocking out to the pop music of 1978. Good times, some would even say they were great times!

You could almost feel the joy that they felt when they found the cassette tape of the top 10 songs on the Billboard 100 Chart of 1978!!!!! So we listened to…

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