So where are all the NBA black coaches at???


Hey, doesn’t it seem kind of strange that there are bare any NBA coaches this year.  A report from the Bleacher Report website said that a black head coach from the Denver Nuggets just got fired recently.


“On March 3 of this year, the Denver Nuggets fired head coach Brian Shaw. It was not a controversial decision. The Nuggets were listing. Shaw was struggling. A change seemed inevitable,”  (Beck, 2015).  So have we come to the conclusion that we as a society are only satisfied with black folks as ball players instead of head coaches?

Check this out yaw….I want yaw to peep the pattern in the this quote right here…”Vaughn’s dismissal came 220 days after the Milwaukee Bucks fired Larry Drew, who lost his job 49 days after the Cleveland Cavaliers fired Mike Brown, who lost his job six days after the Golden State Warriors fired Mark Jackson, who was…

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