Shit that annoys your waiter/waitress

Eat, Drink, and Critique

So usually I am the one critiquing the service, but it dawned on me….I wonder how much shit they talk about muah? I mean, me personally-def none… But like, normal customers prob get torn apart while the peasants are taking back their empty dishes. Having had experience in the industry, I also talked to some other bitties that work at three different restaurants and asked them what annoys them the most about customers. All I can picture is that crackhead chick off of the movie “Waiting” wigging tf out chiefing a cig in the back parking lot.

Top 5 things that annoy your server:

#1. “So what’s your real job?” Eh, ouch? Idk what is worse the fact that someone would have the balls to ask that or if that really is their real job (awk). Either way, don’t be a di*k.

2. “So what’s your story?” This usually…

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