Too Fast Flash


So I have been watching the Flash on Netflix…and let me tell you, “This show is so Awesome, if Awesome was a person and he was reading this post he would say, ‘Yeah that show is awesome.'”  Let me give you the scoop on what the Flash is all about.  The Flash is about some ordinary kids who were all of a sudden hit by lightning that gives off special powers.  So those who were hit by the lightning were able to do things no ordinary person would be able to do.  Those special people are called “Metahumans”.


Barry, the main character, was one of the “Metahumans” who was struck by lightning.  Those who are struck by the lightning had there own unique special powers.  Barry had the power of super speed.  Barry could run so fast, that he is literally faster than a speeding bullet and the speed of…

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