The Newbies Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Tidbits & Fiddlywinks

Every year at Black Friday I stand back and watch. Any person who is fairly versed in the Black Friday festivities can pick out a newbie quite easily. So, to help with the confusion I have compiled my list of suggestions to make Black Friday run just a little smoother.

1. DONT get a shopping cart


There is nothing worse than trying to maneuver your way through the aisles behind a newbie pushing a buggy like they’re following a hearse. Just go without it. I don’t care what you’re trying to buy. You’ll get there a lot faster if you just leave that cart at the door.
2. Bring backups


Don’t ever go it alone. When you’re standing in line for your 55″ tv, no one is going to let you hop out of line to grab that sale across the aisle that you didn’t see. So, bring friends (place…

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