Dia De Los Disney

hannah esrock

Disney’s Pixar studios are known for their instant classics such as Nemo, Up, or any of the three Toy Story heart warmers. However it’s mother company, Walt Disney Studios, is known for horribly misconstruing traditional stories and cultures from around the world. When it comes to Mulan, Pocahontas, and many others, Disney has really missed the target by offending entire cultures and wrongly representing them. Since then, Disney has recognized their mistakes and are making a conscious effort by trying to repair their damages and attempting a few truly culturally accurate movies and characters such as the upcoming Moana and Coco.

The new Disney princess, Moana, is to be released in November of this year. Fans don’t know very much about the latest and greatest leading lady other than she is Hawaiian. The fact that Moana has a different ethnicity and culture than Disney’s normal princesses such as…

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