Diversify the Hogwart’s Campus

hannah esrock

Due to the recent death of a main Harry Potter character, Alan Rickman, I have started to re-watch the amazing series that so many kids in my generation grew up on. Instead of doing homework, I have been obsessively looking up Harry Potter clips on YouTube and I happened to stumble upon this video.


This disturbing video is “Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color in the Entire ‘Harry Potter’ Film Series.” This video is even generous giving characters like CGI centaurs a second or two in the 6 minute and 18 second video. The Harry Potter series totals to 1,199 minutes and it is incredible that only .005% of the series includes characters with speaking roles who are of a different race other than white. This includes Black, Asian, and Indian people who’s lines mostly include talking to or about Harry, the main white character. 

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