Inside Jokes Only UofL Kids Understand

hannah esrock

I am sure every campus has their little jokes that only they understand. But I am not on every campus, I’m at UofL’s! So here I present our little secrets for us to all silently giggle at while we should be studying at Ekstrom.

  1. Don’t step on the bird.
  2. VG brunch is a life saver on weekends. Literally.
  3. The lady in Davidson is a blessing.
  4. Run for a spot in the West Wing of the library before 11:30.
  5. Don’t wear a sombrero anytime soon.
  6. Just don’t go to SubHub. Period.
  7. Just don’t go past the Bellamy. Period.
  8. Mr. Jim warms my heart as he gives me my buffalo chicken wrap.
  9. The walk to speed school is death.
  10. Bingham literally looks like a jail cell.
  11. But god, those bagels.
  12. Doba, why don’t you take flex?!
  13. Papa Johns… again???
  14. Nothing is open when I need drunk food!
  15. Burger boy will do.
  16. If…

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