Rebuilding In Cincinnati


With football coming to an end and the snow beginning to melt that can only mean one thing, spring is coming bringing baseball with it. Being a Cincinnati Reds fan, that doesn’t come with much excitement anymore as the Reds have been awful the last couple of seasons. Which is why the organization has gone into a complete rebuilding process by trading away all older veterans and bringing in the new, young guys. As much as I love baseball and the Reds organization they haven’t impressed me this offseason at all. Honestly, they’ve pissed just about every Reds fan I know off.

The biggest shocker came when the Reds decided to Trade Aroldis Chapman to the Yankees. Chapman is by the the best closer in the majors. I mean come on the guy has the record for the fastest pitch thrown in a MLB game at 105.1 MPHs. He can…

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