The Small Ones on the Team.


I’m in an interesting position in my sport. In rowing, there are some members of the team who don’t actually row the boat called coxswains. Instead, coxswains have the responsibility of steering the boat, perfecting the rowers’ form, running practice, and making important decisions during races such as when to sprint or when to make a power move. Many might think that this is an easy position, because it isn’t actually physically taxing at all. While this might be true, it definitely demands quick- thinking, focus, and mental toughness.

Another aspect that is often considered when people first try the sport of rowing is their size. Rowers need strong legs, and height is often a plus. When looking at who’s going to be a coxswain, smaller people are ideal because they are essentially considered “dead weight” (from a physical standpoint. Don’t you dare tell me I don’t contribute to the…

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