Ideas for Raising Money for Raise Red

hannah esrock

One of UofL’s largest philanthropy events is RAISE RED. This event is an 18 hour dance marathon where to get into the event you must raise $125! This sounds like a lot but it is super easy to fundraise and it goes to an incredible cause, pediatric cancer research here at the university. Here are some ideas for fundraising so you can sign up for this awesome event.
  1. Pinterest that ish. I made necklaces! The supplies itself cost like $30 and I have made it all back and more!
  2. Call your grandpa.
  3. Paint something, I’ve seen your coolers, those are impressive.
  4. Massage people, not strangers.
  5. Buff chick dip, nuff said. Just sell it or something. My sorority would pay infinite money for it I know.
  6. Call your rich grandpa
  7. Don’t go to doba every day.
  8. Bake cookies, or just sell the dough.
  9. Sell your body, jk dont do that.
  10. Make…

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