5 Sitcoms You Should Binge Watch Now

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Netflix has all the rage now a days, right? Everyone has it and if you don’t have it, you log into a friend’s account so you do have it. People love Netflix and people love to binge watch Netflix. Here are 5 classic shows that you MUST start watching as soon as possible:

5. Scrubs


This is possibly one of the most under-appreciated shows out there but it is absolutely hilarious. I have spent many hours sitting by myself cracking up because of this show. It follows main character JD and his friends in their first few years of being a doctor and all of the things that entails. They touch on relationships, jobs, money issues, etc. Everything you could possibly want in a sitcom.

4. Parks and Recreationimages (1)

Seriously, if you have not already watched this, then something is wrong with you. Follow Leslie Knope as she cares way too…

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