Zombie 101



Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you’d do in a zombie apocalypse or what possible zombies you’d encounter? Lucky for us we have decades of movies that give us some sort of precedent. Below is a list compiled from best to worst-case scenarios of zombie apocalypse. Just remember to save yourself!

Warm Bodies (2013)

warm bodies

If worse comes to worse and our beautiful world stumbles into some sort of zombie apocalypse, this is the BEST CASE SCENARIO. This movie provides a Romeo and Juliet type of experience and luckily for us there is a happy ever after. This movie is divided between humans, zombies and Boneys. Sure the zombies try to eat the humans, but nothing compares to the Boneys who eat other zombies and humans. Talk about a tough crowd. Oh, this happy ending I’m speaking of? Well, the moral of this movie is that love…

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