When You’re From Upstate New York…


When you’re from Upstate New York…

…Everyone thinks you’re from New York City. People assume that you know all there is to know about city life, that you’ve never seen grass, and that you only wear black. They also assume, upon telling them you’re not from the city, that you go there all the time. Personally, I’ve been about 5 times in all of my twenty years of living in the Empire State. People- NEW YORK IS A WHOLE STATE, NOT A CITY. kthnx. enhanced-buzz-26038-1374190419-12

…You really do laugh when we get an inch of snow and school is cancelled. Love it, don’t get me wrong, but seeing people flip out and forget how to drive because of a tiny bit of white stuff is beyond insane to me. The most I’ve ever gotten off of school is two days- in Kentucky we get two days off for a mere 5…

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