Animated Sitcom has a New Face



Let’s all take a second to talk about the animated sitcom that has quickly taken the spots of front-runners Family Guy and The Simpsons in our hearts and on our TV’s. Bob’s Burgers is in the early part of their 6th season and although there is a current lull in airtime, this show has the goods.   Bob’s Burgers centers around the Belcher family— your average, run of the mill, middle-lower class New Jerseyans.   The Belcher family runs a burger shop that resides on the first floor of their apartment, in-between a funeral parlor and a shop that always changes.

Every episode we grow closer to Bob, Linda, Louise, Gene and Tina (all of which are voiced by men except for Louise.) Whether we are witnessing the unfortunate luck of the restaurant or Tina taking control of her life, one day at a time, Bob’s Burgers is always enjoyable.  The best…

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