Most Annoying Drinks at Starbucks

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As a barista, I can give you a list of things that customers do that are kind of frustrating. I won’t do that, but it would not be hard. That is, by no means, meant to be mean or hateful towards our customers. I have said before that some of the best parts about working at Starbucks are the customers. BUT, in the middle of the morning rush at a Starbucks, this is a list of drinks that are, by far, the most annoying to make simply for the reason that it throws off your entire routine and forces you to have to recover.

5. Any and all Frappuccinos


Seriously. There are few things worse than flying through cars, having record times, and just completely killing it; then getting a car full of Frappuccinos. Having to completely stop what you are doing and go over to the cold bar to make…

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