King James and His Mighty Rule


David Blatt was living the perfect life. He was the head coach of one of the more successful basketball teams in the NBA, making millions of dollars, and coach the greatest basketball player to ever play, Lebron James. He even made it to the championship game before ultimately losing. He started this season off a little bumpy but his team still remained atop the standings for the most part. Until January 22nd when he was surprisingly let go by the Cavelier organization. Many immediately speculated that this was done for one reason and one reason only, King James himself.

Personally, I think that Lebron was involved in the decision 100% and had every right to do so. Lebron is not your normal basketball player. He is one of the greatest. Period. End of discussion. If you honestly believe Lebron isn’t great than you know nothing about basketball. Do I believe…

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