Random Things that Blow My Mind


Okay- fair warning, this list is about to be random as hell. Today when I was browsing Facebook instead of doing homework, I saw that video “How Deep is the Ocean Really?” Maybe you’ve seen in- it basically is a little infographic type thing that shows that the ocean is deep as s***. Every time I see it, it blows my mind and also freaks me out, so that takes my number one spot.

  • How Deep the Ocean is.
  • STRAWS ARE ONLY ONE HOLE. When I read this on one of those lists of mind blowing facts, I was shocked. Like… wow.
  • The size of our planet (and the size of the Universe, in Comparison). This comes from yet another little Facebook video and it shows the size of the Earth in comparison to other planets, to the sun, and then compares the size of our sun to other suns…

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