How To Get Through The Group Work Blues


If you’re like me, the words “This will be a group assignment” create a hole in the pit of your stomach.1cb997490aaf88f285c3d665fff15314127f6a4ed17debe6ff6f7552f6ac4076

Before you’re even assigned to your group you already know how it’s going to go. The first day will be great in class, you’ll talk with your group members about a strategy to complete the assignment and your anxiety might even start to decrease. Then you’ll slowly begin to take on the work of others and receive excuses like “oh, I’m really busy” or, “Omg I totally forgot we were suppose to meet” if they bother to respond to your texts at all.


By the day of your presentation or due date for the assignment, you will have completed at least 80% of the work and be so annoyed on presentation day that you’re pretty much just over it. You may even have this reaction toward your group members:

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