If You Aren’t Mecca-ing To Panny

hannah esrock

It’s that time of year again where 1000s of college students pile into their crappy cars and travel mile upon mile to forget their entire week. As appealing as a make-out session on the beach with a total stranger might sound to some, here are some more realistic options for people who are lucky enough to simply stay at home and just relax.

  1. Explore your hometown and all the little sights you have missed while away at school.
  2. Get on Pinterest and cook something way better than campus food.
  3. Make some adorable crafts for your future apartment next semester.
  4. Make some even cuter canvases for your future little, bless her soul.
  5. Get started on a cooler for a FRAT-linberg outing.
  6. Start/Finish a Netflix series (hey, it is called spring BREAK)
  7. Go camping with your old high school pals.
  8. Take a mini road trip to the closest “big city.”
  9. Go on…

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