Worst Things Louisville Drivers Do

living life for eternal purposes

The idea for this list came to me on my drive home from school today. This includes all of my LEAST Favorite things that drivers do in this city. People are idiots.

When people leave their turn signals on: 

TURN. THAT. OFF. Listen, I’m glad you are using your turn signals when your turning or changing lanes.. But TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU ARE DONE.HOW DOES THE CLICKING NOT ANNOY YOU?! I cannot imagine driving around with that stupid clicking and not wanting to go insane.

When people wait until the last minute to get over lanes:

How is it possible that you have no idea which exit you were getting off at until you were just passing it? It is not. It is NOT possible. You knew very well which lane you needed to be in to get off and you chose not to. If you are going to…

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