What were we thinking?

TOCKIN' About...

Adulthood. What was I thinking when I wanted to rush into this? Why did I want to be here? I don’t understand.

As a kid everyone wanted to be an adult. We wanted to get away from our parents and “make our own decisions” HA!

What the hell were we thinking?

Every single person can relate to this. If you have kids, you’ve told them this, and even if you don’t, you were a kid at some point, and wanted to get out from under your parents’ thumb. Every single one of you knows this to be true.

In adulthood, sure we get to make our own decisions; like which bill we’re going to pay first. Or how much gas we can afford to buy. Adulthood is great.

But here we are, in the world we wished so desperately for. Making all the hard choices. It’s not all bad though.

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