Life Lessons from a Solitaire App


Last week, I downloaded a generic solitaire app on my iPhone. I had never really played the game before, I just wanted something that could absorb my attention and keep my mind off of life’s bummers. It’s proven to be up to the task, even if I am pretty terrible at it (according to the app, I win just over a quarter of the hands I play). But in stumbling through the learning curve, I found a few facets of the game that lend themselves to waxing philosophical. The finest of those nuggets of wisdom have been reproduced below, for your contemplative gratification:

Nothing’s ever a sure thing

I’ve lost count of how many games have started out great–three aces already out, rapidly putting the tableau in order, everything going fine–only to find that the one card I need is stuck under a sequence of cards I have no way of moving…

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