Alien Invasion Anyone?


Take a second and look up at the night sky. Try to look beyond the tree cover, clouds and planes. Above our heads lay 100 billion stars. Each star belongs to one of the billion galaxies that reside outside ours. It’s hard to think that we are the only beings out there. In Lieu of my recent viewing of 10 Cloverfield Lane, I began to wonder… Are alien invasions possible? If so, which movies best closely replicate the most logical alien invasion? Below is a list of the movies that (in my opinion) best depict an alien invasion. Before we dive into this list it is important to remember that the list of alien invasion movies is extensive and not every movie—although good—will make the cut.

  1. Independence Day (1996)


Doesn’t get more realistic than this and nothing beats Will Smith in his prime acting career. The movie itself is funny…

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