The Scary Part of Graduation

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I’m looking at registering for my last semester before graduating, and I realized how absolutely terrifying it is.

I’m a “Super Senior”, meaning I’ve already been enrolled for 4 years, and I’m still going. I’m finally almost done.

super_senior_citizen_man_by_zombiebunnyawesome-d3lltngI have one more semester to conquer. 3 electives and an Internship. That’s it. That is what is standing between me and that SUPER EXPENSIVE piece of paper. 

By this time next year I have to have a “big-kid” job. I’ll have my degree and I’ll be working on building a career. I still have no idea exactly what I want to do. I’ve narrowed it down, but it’s still a big list.

And that’s the scary part.


I’m about to step into the big unknown.

Here’s what I do know: I do know it will be hard. I know that I will fail at some point. I know that I will…

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