Where to Break Your Diet in Louisville


As a student-athlete, it’s pretty important that I stay in shape and a lot of that comes from eating well. That being said, I pretty much have an insatiable sweet tooth and every day I’m grateful that I live somewhere that its extremely easy to find delicious sweets on the reg- here are my top 5 places to break your diet* in Louisville, in no particular order.

*Because I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, all of these places are dessert. Sorry ’bout it.

  1. NORDS. It’s just an added bonus that this delicious donut shop/ bakery is owned by the family of one of my teammates. Personally, my favorite thing to get at Nord’s is one of EVERY SINGLE DONUT but that’s not really realistic (I guess). My all time favorite donut is the long white one with some sort of delicious nutty sugary stuff on top. Sorry I don’t know…

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