5 Tips for the Job Hunt


d8a924d323752d60b2ce56b880206dd4For many college seniors, the job hunt process seems daunting and sometimes down right scary. In a world where everyone wants you to have 5 years experience along with your hard earned piece of paper…recent grads are between a rock and a hard place in finding a job they both like and are qualified for.

In a recent interview with Kindered Media Community Manager, Maggie Cunningham; Maggie gave me some great advice and points to think about for emerging young professionals in the job market hunt. I found her thoughts insightful and wanted to share with the world!

downloadHave Confidence No one will want to hire you if you don’t show them they should hire you. Having confidence that you belong in that job will help inspire the employer that you belong there.

2Be Over-Communicative More often than not, being over-communicative in the job hunt will set you apart from other…

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