Suicide and the African-American Community



Earlier this week, the mediasphere broke the news that beloved R&B newcomer, Kehlani, had been hospitalized after an attempted suicide. The reality of real world issues happening to celebrity was too far fetch for many as they accused Kehlani of simply wanting attention or blaming her depression on herself because she made bad relationship decisions. Unfortunately, it seems our generation and the African-American community doesn’t understand how real depression is.

I’ve heard it many times before.

“Oh she’s just being dramatic.”

“He just needs to man up.”

“There’s no such thing as depression.”

“Ugh, it’s just a phase and it will pass.”

Well, the truth is that none of these things are true. In the African-American community we put so much pressure on each other to be strong and sometimes it puts us in a situation where we feel as if we can’t ask for help (especially us black men.)…

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