An Open Letter to the U.S. Soldier…


american-soldiers-glogsterDear Soldier,

I see you.

I’m sorry that many in our nation have forgotten what your work means, but I see you. I walk the halls of a college campus filled with apathetic students that believe ALL your sacrifices were a choice of your own. I know this not to be the case entirely.

I see you working long hours, waking early and going home late. I see you putting in hours of training to stay top notch in your field. I see you on cleaning duty when you’d rather be having a beer with your friends. I see you cutting up and laughing with the co-workers that have become family. I see you standing in formation for what seems like forever and I see you pulling duty for a full 24 hours.

I see you saying goodbye to your family with the words “see ya later”. I see you…

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