Shonda Rhimes Empowering Women


I am an avid watcher of Scandal. Every Thursday I tune in for the latest episode. Since watching Scandal, I have also begun to watch How to Get Away with Murder. Both of these shows are produced by Shonda Rhimes and it is prevalent. Both shows have strong, assertive women in the main role of the shows. Shanda Rhimes does a great job in fighting gender norms with these two shows with the following: having an African American as the main star, having the main star be a female, depicting the females in an assertive role and being beautiful while doing so.

It is no surprise that for most of television’s history white people have dominated the screen. This is ironic because the 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report states that in 2013, more than half of the frequent moviegoers were minorities. The same report shows that in 2013 minorities made had…

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