Why Zootopia is a Must-See for All Ages



*Spoilers ahead*

Disney has outdone itself this year with their newest 2016 release Zootopia. This movie is the highest grossing film of 2016 for a reason. Zootopia is a tale about a world with anthropomorphic animals (so there are no humans) and how they co-exist with one another. See, because these animals are anthropomorphic, they have feelings, talk, walk and drive like humans do. The core focus of this movie is a parallel to how we—the human race—live our lives in this world. The big question is should stereotypes, precedents and prejudices guide our lives and the way we treat others? Obviously not, but it seems with the recent racial turmoil and division that has been engulfing our world, this movie was well needed.

Judy Hopps is a rabbit from Bunnyburrow who dreams of becoming a police officer to help make Zootopia a better place. The only problem is there…

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