Finals and Graduation and Adulting

living life for eternal purposes

The end of the spring semester in Louisville usually means one thing; DERBY. Every one is getting ready for Thunder Over Louisville, the Balloon Glow, and, of course, Oaks and Derby. These things are HUGE in this city, but I have almost completely forgotten about these treasures that our beautiful city offers.

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, the only thing that I can think about are those three things; finals, graduation, and adulting. Quite honestly, this terrifies me.

Finals are usually bad, but they seem all the more intimidating when graduation quickly follows them. All I know is that if I fail a class, I will not graduate. So, right now, I’m passing everything, yeah? So I am planning things for after graduation. Well what happens if I tank a final and fail the class? Welp, I don’t graduate. Nothing is more intimidating than senior year finals…

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