8 Times in College that I just Really Wish I had more Money

hannah esrock

College is expensive, if you didn’t already know. From meal plans to housing to textbooks, you are paying top dollar for that college experience. And while I am so grateful for my parents and scholarships that cover those ordeals, I am a pitiful student who must cover the other essentials, and man, am I broke. Here are 8 times I really wish I had money in College.

  1. That cool fundraiser event where $5 is going to a great cause, but wow, my bank account is getting really close to $10, and that’s what I have to work with for the rest of the month. And it’s only the first week. Go me.
  2. That odd theme party this weekend, whether its “80s or “golfer pros and tennis hoes” and I really need to get something to wear, but shoot, every pair of leg warmers or golf skirt I can find is more…

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