Senioritis or Writer’s Block?

TOCKIN' About...

I’ve got a serious case of writers block.

When I started this blog (for class) I assumed I’d always have something to write about. I’d never run out of ideas. I only have to post once a week, surely in that time something would come to me.

And that would probably be true, if I wrote about it as soon as I thought about it.

oops gif

But here we are, less than 3 hours from when my post is due and I’ve got a whole lot of nothing.

I’ve looked at old pieces to see if something sparked my attention. I’ve looked at every “50 Things to Blog About” page you can think of, and I still don’t feel like writing about any of it.

I’m going to blame finals for my lack of motivation. But in reality, I’ve procrastinated. I’ve been lazy. So I’m sitting here, struggling to find anything…

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