5 App Store Games You Should Definitely Be Playing Instead of Studying for Finals Week


Yes, we’ve all been there. We’d rather be doing anything other than studying.   I’m sure many of us have had conversations like this in our heads: Four finals next week? That can wait until I clean my room, solve this Rubix Cube, and binge watch all 19 seasons of South Park. OR, we can use our wasteful time wisely by playing these 5 games that can be found in the Apple App Store.

1.  Cow Evolution (or it’s different variants)


If you’re into the mindless game play, then this is definitely the game for you. It’s simple. Move cows around and breed them with each other to create some sort of mutant cow. Then repetitively breed mutant cows and you’ll end up with some super mutant cow. After a while of breeding the super mutant cows you’ll be able to unlock the cow universe. The goal of this game…

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