NBA 2k16

Keith Towbridge


Alright listen, This game right here is one of those games were you are really going to have to study, master, and beat people m=numerous of times to get respect from another person. NBA 2k16 is arguably the best 2k game ever made. Reason behind it I think is because it is so realistic. I’m talking about the way a player looks on the court. They have actually sweat glands, the swag is on point, the way they shoot, dribble, etc. I think the reason this game is so great is because it gets the attention of people who don’t even play sports but love to pay the video game. People across the globe has this game and you can even play online with another person from anywhere around the country.


But this man right above me, is the cheat code of all cheat codes. Im talking about any shot…

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