‘Green Room’ a triumphant film for fans of horror

Joseph Siegel

The past decade has proven to be a transformative one for the genre of horror, with the rise of thematically nuanced, artsy horror flicks such as The Babadook and Goodnight Mommy. Films like these have dramatically expanded on the elements of psychological horror in their aesthetics and subject mater, distinguishing themselves within the genre. The effect of films like these on the genre may leave horror fans wondering if they’ll get a flick that incorporates some of the traditional elements, while also proving to be nuanced and original. Luckily, if you’re looking for a distinct thriller that taps back into the elements of slasher-like suspense from the golden age (but with the intense visceral violence and gore of modern films like Saw or Hostel) yet also manages to captivate you with it’s dimensional characters and inhabit a refreshingly original atmosphere, look no further than Jeremy Saulnier’s new kick-ass punk…

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