Is it time for VR?


Virtual reality has finally arrived!  The Oculus Rift went on sale this week at retailers.  Of course the Samsung galaxy VR headset has been out since the new phone released, but Oculus is a whole different experience to a piece of plastic and a cell phone.  The question is, would you pay $599 for it?  That doesn’t even include the handheld controUnknown-3llers.  With the headset alone and a few games at your disposal, I believe it’s way too early to adopt this expensive experience.  The headset alone will not supply any type of entertainment.  You’ll also need a high end PC running windows 10 that is relatively new.  This is a huge purchase if you were to bundle the two, and stacked with limited gaming time.  VR is not yet able to use with gaming consoles.  PlayStation should have their VR set out by the end of the year…

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