Jukebox Challenge


Recently a new dance craze has taken over the southeastern part of the United States and doesn’t plan on stopping there.  DJ Jukebox, who refers to himself as the best DJ in the South, originated the dance first in Panama City Beach, and then at a Mississippi junior college.  For those of you who don’t know what the #jukebox challenge is, here is a quick video of one of the many that have been posted.

Three reasons why the #jukebox challenge is a good thing:

  1. The challenge is different.  Everyone is familiar with the whip, nae nae, the drop, and things of that sort.  No one has ever seen anything like this.  It’s obnoxious… but in a good way!  You have to find a group of people to do it with and after that you’re all set!  It is unique in its own way also because the different people in…

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