Wonders of Music


93b32a1a-55e2-4c21-98f1-46d257f00d34  Future, drake, Kodak black, and Kolyon then you have little Richie, James brown, Elvis Presley, and ray Charles. These are a few musical artist from modern day to past legends. I truly believe music has change dramatically within the past 20 years alone.

Various_Artists_Best_Of_Kodak-front-large Where the change come from has is what I am really thinking about? Why it is that people is not just committed to just one style of rapping, singing, or better yet even the beat that creates to mood?

I believe I just answered my own question but I would like to hear somebody else’s opinion though. Is it because that they have moods? I know when I am in a certain scene on my life say for instance I am about to have intercourse with my lady before she even steps in the room I would like to have Ignition playing by R. Kelly just…

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