A day in the life: Khalil Hunter


My name is Khalil Hunter and I play football for the University of Louisville. I’m an Offensive guard and im 6’2 305 pounds. I want to use this blog to help you guys see how an average off season day goes for a Division 1 football player. Today was an everyday for me I didn’t do anything special. I’m going to tell you about my day and see how mine relates to yours. Today I woke up at 8:30am because I have class at 9 am. It usually takes me around 10 minutes to get ready for class then I try and squeeze a snack in for breakfast. The walk to class roughly takes around 10 minutes. I’m usually one of the last people to get to class but I’m always on time. After class I have to go workout at 1:00 pm its usually a pretty hard workout but…

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