Let’s Do This


Finals. This is the most stressful time for any class. Along with worrying about papers, tests, presentations, projects and whatnot, we also have to worry about the grades that have been accumulating all semester. Sometimes it can come as a shock that you’re just not doing as well as you want to in one or more classes. While worrying about grades is super fun and all, there are more constructive and productive things to do this time of year.


  1. Attend and Participate in Class

In many classes, participation really does count. If you attend the rest of your classes–and really try to pay attention and participate (speak up in class, unless it’s a big lecture class where that’s not expected), it can make a huge positive bump in your grade.


  1. Talk to the Professor

Professors are the ones that will be giving grades–they’ll tell you exactly why you’re getting that…

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