Yes, Village 8 IS actually closing.

Joseph Siegel

Of all the tasks I need to complete daily at my job at Village 8 Theaters, I honestly did not anticipate continuously informing customers of our impending doom to be the most frequent. Earlier this year, the Courier Journal caught wind of the the fact that Kentucky One Health has been eyeing the property for a potential expansion of their location across Village 8 (something we as a company knew long beforehand), and decided to write an article about it. And subsequently, the avalanche of questions from the customers began. The week after that article was printed, I answered more phone calls at work about when/how/why we’re closing than the amount of times I’ve ordered pizza in my life (and I order lots of pizza.) When are you guys closing? Can I still see a movie tomorrow? That’s a shame. What can we do about it? Needless to say, it…

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