Top 5 Best Cereal


I know this seems like a very silly topic but Im sure theirs tons of people out their who wants to know my top 5 cereal list. Today I going to show you all my list and try to explain to my best ability why I think these cereal are the best.

5. Captain Crunch/ Cinnamon Toast Crunch


It was a tie between these two because Cap’n Crunch has a really good taste but it gets kinda boring and you want to switch it up sometimes. It also scratches the roof of your mouth. Also Cinnamon Toast crunch has a great taste but it can also get annoying.

4. Lucky Charms


Lucky Charms is one of my all time favorites I say that because it is one of the more healthier cereal because of the oats. I really enjoy eating them.

3. Frosted Flakes dfd-181_1z

Im actually kinda surprised Frosted…

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