Mega64 brilliantly satirizes the video game industry

Joseph Siegel

If you’re a fan of the relatively recent phenomenon of web-based video game comedy, look no further than the funniest group out there: Mega64. The San Diego natives have been supplying the web with comedic video game videos since 2003, with their most recognized work being their unique brand of “public gaming experiements”, where they reenact video games in public situations amidst unsuspecting bystanders. I first discovered them almost 10 years ago after I read a review for their videos in an issue of Nintendo Power. Shortly thereafter, my brothers and I visited their site and laughed our asses off. What I did not expect, however, was to find one of the most unique, inspiring, and original shows to come out of the 2000’s when I bought a DVD of their original public access show from their website. I was expecting a collection of their public pranks, but soon…

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