Old school Meet New school


90__s___00__s_digital_childhood_by_beaven1302-d4xzascI miss cartoons from my childhood don’t we all? I honestly liked watching cartoons growing up and the funny thing about this story is that I still do. Why do I still watch these childish shows although I am a 21 year old adult is because I really miss my childhood shows I do not feel the same without watching them I kind of put it in a since to where it’s like energy to charge my imagination up so to speak. I feel the same way about movies as well I am big on movies I like to see them early before they come out and I also like to go online to watch a lot of classics I used to watch growing up.

a7194f7c4ec0746379de18b43f976ba0I hung with a lot of people that was always older than me so I tend to lie a lot of old school music as…

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